Compliance – Plant Approval Law & Occupational Safety

For you as a plant operator it has been more and more important to fulfil legal requirements timely and to respect applicable guidelines or corporate standards, both in regard with new authorisation procedures and ongoing operation as well. We examine your (technical) facilities and know about your duties as a plant operator. We do provide substantial advice for a successful implementation and furnish detailed reports ensuring overall legal compliance.

We assure you of

  • meeting your internal time schedules and legal deadlines for new plants and plant modifications
  • legal conformity of your facility with all official requirements, laws and guidelines
  • full compliance of your facility in regard with Best Available Technology standards etc.

Our services

  • New construction, plant modifications, reconstruction
    • Applications for approval GewO, WRG, AWG, MinroG etc
    • Application documents for production and storage facilities, tank storages, laboratories and utility facilities
    • Validation of harmful substances, reconstruction concepts (soil, ground water)
    • Approval applications in accordance with indirect discharger regulations
  • Fulfilment of legal duties
    • Inspection report GewO § 82b
    • Support in revision and inspection negotiatoins GewO, Sev, IPPC
    • Review of compliance with best available technologies (BVT, BAT)
  • Reports and balances
    • Safety concepts and reports
    • Public Information – Safety
    • Internal and external company emergency plans (industrial parks)
    • Initial status reports
    • Solvent balance
    • Fire Control and Explosion Protection concepts
  • Plan documentation
    • Site plans
    • Installation plans
    • Fire Control Plans
    • Escape route plans, evacuation plans
    • Explosion protection documents, explosion zone plans
    • Ventilation plans
    • Substance Database
    • Instrumentation diagrams (R&Is)
    • Data base for permits
  • Employee Protection
    • Evaluation of work equipment, CE expert report
    • Evaluations of work places
    • Substance evaluation
    • Evaluation according to VEXAT, Explosion protection documents, external safety expert

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