Risk – Analysis and Evaluation

We are keen to support you in reducing your risks in order to ensure the protection of your employees, facilities, surroundings and the environment. You are keen to reduce your costs during ongoing operation and for new projects as well. We do evaluate and assess the risks behind your processes by means of objective and officially accepted methods such as What-If, FMEA, PAAG, Hazops, Fault Tree, LOPA etc.

We assure you of

  • the objective valuation of project risks and definition of sufficient measures for risk minimization
  • optimizing your processes in order to protect your employees, facilities, surroundings and the environment
  • full acceptance through legal authorities
  • a reduction of your liability risks
  • the reduction of your costs for the ongoing operation and cost cutting for new projects

Our services

  • Process analysis
  • Assurance of the product quality
  • Risk minimization for employees, neighbours and the environment
  • SIL-Analysis

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