Pollutants – Spreading and Impact

Residents and the environment have to be protected against harmful influences and negative impacts. You have to prove this against authorities, neighbours or stakeholders. We offer you objective, officially accepted evaluation and calculation methods. This will ensure a proper realization of your project goals.

We assure you of

  • a timely recognition of shortcomings of facilities and processes
  • improving the corporate image of the whole operation site by means of an objective presentation of planned modifications, their impacts and effective counter measures
  • the enforcement of economically responsible measures, plant security and environmental protection
  • respecting time limits or reductions of the project period in authorization procedures
  • legal security and the reduction of liability risks for the Operation Manager

Our services

  • Definition of the current status – Environmental Baseline Studies, Initial Status Report
  • Dispersion calculations accord. to TA-Luft or ÖNORM regulations, emission reporting models of emissions and immissions in standard operation
  • emissions, immissions and impact evaluations in case of accidents development of scenarios, calculation of possibly harmful releases, spreading and immissions according to relevant, officially accepted calculation approaches and model calculations; evaluation according to generally renowned parameters and assessment values
  • appropriate safety distance of Seveso plants optionally according to both models of the BLAK recommendation no 4, our advice: standardized case-by-case analysis
  • Evaluation of possible odour nuisance for residents
  • Determination of exhaust gases in industrial warehouses (trucks, fork lifts)
  • Technical design of workplace exhaust (MAC, OELAb-values)

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