“Never trust to general impressions, my boy, but concentrate yourself upon details.” –Sherlock Holmes

Your partner for chemical and process engineering & consulting

We do offer our industrial and commercial customers – across all branches – comprehensive and detailed technical consultancy. We quickly gain a detailed understanding of your plant, your operational and internal processes – hence, your special challenges. We take over all steps: concept development, project engineering and the representation of our clients towards governmental authorities and the public. We fully take over the design of your plant (or project), supervise the installations and ensure the achievement of your project objectives in accordance with your timescale and your economic targets.

Compliance – Plant Approval Law & Occupational Safety

For you as a plant operator, we do provide maximum security by targeted compliance assistance. At the same time, we support you to minimize your liability risks by means of special examinations, establishment of application documents for authority approval procedures etc.

Risk – Analysis and Evaluation

We improve your situation. We evaluate your process risks and your hazard potential. We help you to reduce your liability risks, preventing possible consequential costs.

Engineering – Planning and Supervision

We engineer your production, utility and storage facilities and laboratories. Right from the initial project concept, followed by the basic engineering on to the detailed engineering, we accompany your project with excellent technical and on time execution supervision. After the successful technical approval, we do ensure the absence of defects and the relevant guarantee values.

Pollutants – Spreading and Impact

We analyse your current situation, develop suitable scenarios in accordance with the state of the art. We calculate the spreading of pollutant emissions at the time of standard operation and for a disruptive situation as well. We evaluate the immission profiles. All this will enable you to implement your project goals successfully.

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