Regardless if considering a “two or three pipes problem”: None of your projects is too challenging for us.


Sherlock was sitting opposite of Watson, smoking his pipe. The more serious the case was, the more pipes he smoked. We, Rudolf Schott and Reinhard Täubler, do also lay particular stress on solving your problems. Your case will be questioned, carefully examined and critically screened as part of our methodical approach All this with the support of our reliable team.

for you – behind the lens


Ing. Rudolf Schott

Senior Partner

„We want to see, smell, hear, feel and taste your problem”. The Senior Partner, Rudolf Schott, is characterized by long-term industrial experience in many different fields, high communication skills, extensive analytical thinking and hands on mentality. He has been part of the leading team since the company was founded in 2005.


  • Certified Risk Manager according to ISO 50000
  • Certified Expert for occupational health and safety (Safety Officer)
  • Generally sworn and court-certified Expert for paints and coatings
  • Study of business administration, University of Economics (WU), Vienna
  • Advanced Technical Institute (HBLVA) for Technical Chemistry, Rosensteingasse, Vienna

Occupational Career

  • Founder and Managing Director of AFC Consult Unternehmensberatung GmbH (1993)
  • Technical and Maintenance Manager, Chemical Industry
  • Process Engineer, Machinery Producer
  • Production Manager, Paint & Coatings Industry

Language Skills

German, English


DI Reinhard Täubler

Managing Partner

“We are well aware of the perspectives, demands and fears of our customers and offer them tailor-made solutions”. The customer describes his situation with a few words. “We solve his problems from scratch to final approval by the authorities, supported by our practical approach and long-term consulting experience.”



Degree in Technical Chemistry
Technical University, Vienna

Occupational Career

  • Managing Partner, Schott, Täubler & Partner GmbH
  • Managing Director and Site Manager, Chemical Industry
  • Production Manager, Chemical Industry
  • Consultant Risk Management, Chemical and Waste Industry

Language Skills

German, English, French

Anne Koblowsky, MBA

Commercial Manager

„My passion is commercial management“. Her background: the chemical and the refractory industry. For more than 20 years, she has been working in leading positions in the field of international management. Business trips to South East Asia and the Near East were part of the occupational routine. Since 2016 Anne Koblowsky is commercial director and part of the Management together with Reinhard Täubler.


Further Education

  • Executive MBA in Advanced Management, Executive Academy, University of Economics (WU), Vienna
  • University Programme Advanced Management, Executive Academy, University of Economics (WU), Vienna
  • University Course for Export Sales Managers, Executive Academy, University of Economics (WU), Vienna
  • European Secretary Academy (ESA)

Occupational Career

  • Commercial Director, Schott, Täubler & Partner GmbH
  • Export Consultant, Federal Chamber of Economy Austria (WKÖ), Vienna
  • Head of Supply Chain Management & Process Organization, Chemical Industry
  • Group Manager Customer Relation Services/Sales Export, Refractory Industry
  • Export Sales Manager, Chemical Industry

Language Skills

German, English, French, Italian, Spanish

The Company‘s History

Long before the foundation of stpartner, Rudolf Schott and Reinhard Täubler have been working together in many different fields. Their mutual professional path started in 1993, when Rudolf Schott founded his own consulting company. Their former customers teamed up the two and they consequently worked together on several projects, i. e. for the Federal Environment Agency, the Federal Environment Ministry and the European Union. While Reinhard Täubler was still working as an industrial manager, he engaged Rudolf Schott for consulting services.

In 2005 Rudolf Schott and Reinhard Täubler founded stpartner: Reinhard Täubler has taken over the position of the managing partner, while Rudolf Schott has entered the business as Senior Partner. In 2016, Anne Koblowsky completed the leadership team in her function as commercial manager.

The highlights

„One of the biggest challenges was certainly our co-operation with an international oil- and gas company regarding CO2 capture and sequestration (CCS) in an existing natural gas storage site”, explains Schott. “Not to forget, the installation of the waste air treatment facility on a production site of a worldwide leading corporate group of the chemical industry”, summarizes Täubler about one of stpartner’s biggest engineering projects.